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These podcasts are made right here in Johnson City

As we've gotten into podcasting here at Johnson City Living, I've been on a journey to track down other podcasts made right here in Johnson City.

After a little digging, I was able to put together a list of about 10 podcasts that are made in Johnson City. I'm sure there are more, so please let me know if I've left anyone on the list and I'll add them.

I'd definitely encourage you to check out these shows to your weekly listening. It's a diverse group of topics and these show creators put their hearts and souls into making something they hope you'll enjoy.

Here's the list of podcasts made in Johnson City:

Marketing that Works with Drew Bedard

Drew is a marketing executive for one of the region's premier businesses and a self-proclaimed marketing nerd. On his show, Drew shares the trends, strategies, tips, and tactics today's marketers need to know.

On our show, we talk about the people, places, events, and flavors that make Johnson City a lovely place to live. Recent episodes have featured Josh Smith from WJHL-TV and Jenna Moore from the city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Measure Once, Cuss Twice with Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas wears a lot of hats. He's a skilled craftsman. He's a talented musician. He also literally wears a lot of hats. Seth's show goes where his curiosity leads. On a recent episode, he talked with Randy Almanzor about the origins of C.S. McCullough's barber shop. In future episodes, you may hear him cover how to cook the perfect steak, or how to restore an antique truck.

Better Every Day with Brad Weems

Brad uses his podcast to builder a stronger community for the members of Thunder Valley Fitness, where he is co-owner. Brad digs into the careers, family lives, personal struggles and victories, and fitness stories of his members in an interview format to support and encourage his entire community.

Ryan's podcast highlights local entrepreneurs and small business owners to share their unique perspectives on what it's like to serve people in Johnson City. Ryan's show kicks off soon with an interview with Shane Wilcox, owner of Pop-a-Lock Tri-Cities.

The Culture Talk Collective with Pai & Christina Mushayamunda

Pai & Christina's show centers around intercultural relationships. Pai, whose family is from Zimbabwe (the one in Africa) and Christina, who grew up in the U.S., share their experiences navigating dating, marriage, and life together as an intercultural couple.

Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger

Tara's long-running show serves creators and artists by sharing ideas, resources, and tactics to help grow sustainable and profitable businesses.Tara brings tons of positivity and humor to her show, all built on a foundation of proven experience from growing her own successful business.

ATTN Appalachian Trail TN with Kenneth Medley

Outdoor recreation is quickly becoming one of Johnson City's primary assets, and our proximity to the legendary Appalachian Trail is key. ATTN Appalachian Trail TN explores life on the trail, hiker culture, places of interest, and tips to make the most of your time on the AT.

Performance Driven Athlete with Ben Plotnicki and Chris Rasnake

Performance Driven Athlete dives deep into topics centered on maximizing the performance of athletes with the highest levels of fitness, including nutrition, mobility, recovery, technique, and mindset. Ben and Chris draw on decades of experience training athletes and aren't afraid to take controversial stances.

Produced by Cam Collins, Old Gods of Appalachia is a fictional horror-anthology storytelling podcast. Featuring top-notch narration and voice work, Old Gods of Appalachia is a masterful creative project with stories that stretch out over multiple episodes.

These shows will brighten up your quick commute. Check 'em out.


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