We heart Johnson City, Tennessee

Let's get right to it: Johnson City Living is here to tell stories about the people, places, events, and flavors that make Johnson City, Tennessee a lovely place to live.

We're part news site, part feature magazine, part community calendar, and part love letter to the city we call home.

My name is Leighton Hart, and I'm your host here on the Johnson City Living site as well as on the Johnson City Living podcast.

I moved to Johnson City in 1999, when I married my college sweetheart. Her name is Mary Craig. She's a Johnson City native and taught first grade in the Johnson City Schools.

At the time we were getting started, I was a print journalist learning my way around the area by covering business and personal finance stories.

Johnson City has grown up a lot since 1999, but what I've discovered is that our city has always been an expression of its people's kindness, work ethic, and resilience.

I hope you enjoy the site and the podcast!

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