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Johnson City fitness expert shares how to hack your health

If you've committed to living a more active and healthy lifestyle, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Before you know it, you're awash in questions like:

"Am I getting the right kind of exercise?"

"Am I eating too much?"

"Am I eating too little?"

"Are carbs good or bad?"

"Is weightlifting too hard for me?"

And of course, life's most pressing, yet unanswerable question:

"How is Chick-fil-a SO FREAKIN GOOD?"

According to one local fitness expert, the key to becoming more healthy isn't what we think it is.

Brad Weems, co-owner of Thunder Valley Fitness in Johnson City, says it's not about how much you're lifting, how fast you're running, or how sore you feel after a workout.

"Frequency is they key," says Brad. "I don't care what form of movement it is, whether it's walking outside, doing Crossfit, or doing yoga."

He adds that once you've built a consistent habit, then you can begin to tinker with other variables like intensity and duration.

You can listen to Brad Weems on the Johnson City Living Podcast, or on his own podcast Better Every Day with Brad Weems.


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