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It's official: Publix will scrap old Food City, build new store on State of Franklin

This is really happening.

Johnson City will have its own Publix on the site of the former Food City grocery store at 509 N. State of Franklin Road. According to reports from WJHL, leases are signed and it's full speed ahead on the new store.

Publix made waves in Johnson City a few years ago when a bright green sign popped up at the location staking its claim to the land. After months of waiting, news began to roll out earlier in 2019 that the store was moving through the process to get all its permits for the new location.

The Florida-based grocery chain will scrap the existing building and build a brand new 45,000 square foot store in its place. That's considerably larger than the old Food City, which tax records measure at 32,000 square feet.


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